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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A Lesson in Applying for Canadian VISA

Found out from Nikks that my application was sent to the Canadian Embassy in Manila. My immediate reaction was, "Whaaaaaaaat?!" According to them, my application was incomplete 'cause I didn't pay. I DIDN'T PAY?!!! (more on this later). And since I'm a Philippine resident, they sent the application to the office in the Philippines. I don't get it. Why? They know that I'm working here in the US. They now have my passport and other important docs. Grrrr! My blood pressure is shooting up!

I don't know what kind of crappy system they have but I paid online so that means they SHOULD have a record of it. They advised me to apply in Buffalo. Rrrright!

Next time, I'll just go to DC and make a personal appearance. I hope I'll get a VISA next time.


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