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Sunday, September 09, 2007

Orgasmically Good

I actually don't have shopping plans today. But when the group decided to visit Potomac Mills, I had to come along. I don't wanna spend my Saturday at home. Plus, from all the hard work last week, I deserve a good break. The best break will happen on Friday next week though. Am finally going to Vegas!!!

Anyhoo, Ogz drove us to Potomac Mills. From Waxpool, we took Sulley Road (28), turned left on Liberia Avenue, left again on Prince William Parkway, right on Shoppers way and then found the mall. Took us an hour to get there. Didn't get lost at all. Sweet!

We agreed to meet again at the food court around 8. I visited Hollister, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Marshalls, Banana Republic, Guess, and Pacific Sunwear but found nuthin'. I thought I would go home empty handed. That changed when I visited Abercrombie & Fitch. I found two nice polo shirts (for office or for gimmick days) and a simple brown shirt.

I also noticed that A&F changed the strap of their shopping bags. It's now of cloth substance. It's very comfy to carry around. I wish all shops would follow suit.
Before 8, I went to the food court. Found Pattie waiting. She's already eaten her dinner so I looked for sumpthin' to eat. When in doubt, go Chinese. I had chicken and veggies. After a few minoots, Lizette and Boy joined us. When Ogz appeared later, he's carrying an A&F bag. We have the same taste in clothing so I had to see what he bought. When he showed it to us, I said, "Oh, my gawd!" We bought the same green polo shirt. I asked for the other stuff he bought. I sighed with relief when he told me that it's the only thing he bought. Teehee...

Boy shopped for Lindt chocolates. When he mentioned that the Lindt shop here gives out free chocolates, Pattie and I looked at each other and both thought of free dessert. Ogz joined us too.

Inside the shop, a lady approached me and asked if I'm familiar with their chocolates. I told her that we have Lindt chocolates back home. She asked if I wanna try their milk chocolate or the hazelnut kind. I asked her if I can have both. According to her, they normally give out one sample but since I asked for them nicely, she gave me both! I'm so happy. My charm still works ;oP

Chocolates make everyone happy (except of course, to those allergic to them). A couple hugged in front of us. I imitated the guy and hugged Pattie too. Pattie tapped my arm while laughing. That caused my chocolate to fly out of my fingers. Fuck! Good thing, I'm already on my second one.

For me, Lindt is not THAT special though. I enjoyed eating Godiva more. Oh my god, if you ever visit "Cheesecake Factory", try their Godiva cheesecake. It's orgasmically good!!!


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