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Thursday, September 13, 2007

A Trip to the Mall

Boy is leaving in a few days so he's doin' some last-minute shopping. He wanna buy some stuff at Dulles Town Center so we went there. There's a Godiva store at the mall. I went there with Ogz hoping that we could get a free taste. Unforch, they only give out free stuff on Fridays and Saturdays. Note to self: remember Fri and Sat.

I forgot to bring my shorts that I bought at Aeropostale. I was planning to have the security device removed. I don't have any shorts to bring to Vegas. Guess that will have to wait till tomorrow.

Went inside Abercrombie & Fitch. I dunno if it's fate but they're selling their shorts for like 30 bucks a piece. I've been wanting to get one 'cause they really look good. Its original price is like 50 bucks! Am happy with the discount.

After our brief shopping, I cooked lechon kawali for dinner. I specifically told everyone to forget about their diet 'cause it's a feast! Thanks, Rene, for this simple recipe ;oP


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