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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Tirta Spa Experience

Located just 2 minoots from Kuya's house in Boracay Hills, Tirta Spa is the location of my ultimate pampering a day before Christmas. I've been a client of Mandala Spa for 3 years and it's time to try a different spa in Boracay. I read about this spa in a magazine I found inside Asian Spirit.

As soon as I climbed the steps towards the lobby, I heard the deep ringing of a gong. That signaled my arrival 'cause a second after, the water started running on both edges of the walkway. Tirta means "holy water".
Looking at the surroundings, I feel like I was transported back to Thailand. This would be heaven for photographers like Alwyn.
The front desk officer welcomed me. She asked what treatment I'd be availing and how I'd like to pay. I said, "The Prince Bath" (good for 3 hours) and plastic, of course. She also asked me to choose the scent of the oil for my massage: uplifting, exotic or healing. I went for the exotic.

Then she introduced me to the pretty owner, Ms. En Calvert. She's very friendly and accommodating. I told her that my brother works for one of the exclusive resorts here. She thought of introducing Tirta Spa to my brother's clients ;oP
Candy is my massage therapist. She led me to one of their villas. Another therapist opened the door from the inside. My jaw dropped! Inside, they have 2 massage tables, a cabinet on the left where you can store your valuables, and beside it are the lavatory & shower. To the right, there's a tiled tub for floral bath and next to it is a table where you can have your Vichy shower (taking a shower while lying down). I got super excited after seeing the magnificent amenities. As far as ambiance goes, they get 5 stars from me.
I removed my slippers and put my clothes & valuables inside a locked cabinet. I donned a sarong. I was expecting a personalized sarong with Tirta Spa logo (like the one in Mandala Spa) but it was just an ordinary looking cloth.

Candy gave me a foot bath while I drank my calamansi juice. I was assisted to the massage table where I had my cinnamon body scrub. I could hear the sound of flowing water and relaxing music while I doze on and off.

Next was the Vichy shower. The first time I had this was at Mandala Spa. Can't get enuff of this.

Then it was time for my warm floral bath. I discovered a small wall clock and it says it's already almost 3 pm. Can't believe it's been an hour already. Candy poured some warm milk on my chest and body. Now that's sumpthin' new!

I closed my eyes and relaxed some mo'. 'twas interrupted by an offer to have some merienda, consisted of mini turons and calamansi juice. I wasn't in the mood to eat so I ignored it. I'll have it later.

My next treatment involved my going back to the massage table, some green tea applied on my body, and a body wrap. I was advised to take a normal shower but I must stay away from the body soap.

Last was my holistic massage. I enjoyed the spinal & back rubs and the head & neck massages a lot. I tried not to snore while being massaged.

My session ended around 5ish. I wish they let me take a nap a little. So relaxin'!!!

I ate some of the mini turons I disregarded earlier and drank some warm ginger tea. I always save the best for last ;oP

I was also given a feedback form. I told them I love the ambiance. I was also hoping for a client giveaway and suggested a discount for frequent visitors. At Mandala Spa, they give away the sarong that you used. I would deffo come back for more treatments.


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