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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Always Be My Baby

Singing a Mariah Carey song is a toughie. It's interesting how the Idols have interpreted her songs.

David Archuleta is getting to be predictable. Funny how Simon commented that he's pretty sure David would pick out "When You Believe". The kid has a great voice but I want to be entertained too with his performance.

Hands down, the best performance of the night goes to the other David. I dunno why I cried with him after hearing Simon's comments.

I wonder why Syesha chose an unheard of song. She and Carly Smithson might end up in the bottom three again. Or is it Kristy Lee's time to go?

I dunno what I would do if I meet Mariah Carey in person and to be singing in front of her. How lucky the Idols are! Hmmm, maybe I'd choose "Music Box", one of my favorites. How about you? 



Blogger Zobel said...

Dreamlover is my choice if ever I'll belt out one of M's songs :)

I heart David Cook.

4:02 PM  

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