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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Am Stuffed

Tonight, Paul, Ogz & I discovered this resto called "China Garden Buffet" near Haywood Rd. It doesn't look nice from the outside though. But the big sign that says "Voted as the Best for 6 years" looks promising. Oh, it only costs 10 bucks for dinner.

I had some egg drop soup first and dumplings to whet my appetite. Then it's time to sample the food. I grabbed some plain white rice and fried rice (it's not greasy so I'm really happy). Picked some General Tso's chicken, beef and spicy shrimps. Yum-o!

The highlight of the evening is the crab feast. After getting my vinegar dip, I truly enjoyed every minoot of picking the meat out of the shells. The sauce of the chicken that I got earlier was really a nice bonus.

As for my fortune, I got this, "Your dream will come true". I so wanted to put an "s" after the word "dream" =oP


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