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Saturday, April 12, 2008

American Idol: Wii Edition

When my MagicSing conked out on me last Saturday night, I told myself, this is not good. Ogz and I will lose our singing career (or should I say, careers?)! And so I decided to check out the American Idol Wii game.

The CD gave me trubs at first but after re-inserting it back, it performed good. The first thing I did was to customize my character. I named him knottydon. Gave him the Emo hair and nice clothes.

Then I tried auditioning in front of our three famous judges: Randy, Paula and of course, Mr. Simon Cowell. The judges look like their human counterparts except Randy was a bit thinner in the animated version. For the Seacrest fans out there, you'll only hear his voice though. I must say, the audition venue looks very close to the actual room.

I chose, "My Heart Will Go On", as my audition piece. In order to get a high score, you must sing the correct pitch, sustain when you have to, and timing is important. There's a vocal accompaniment but I turned it off to avoid distraction. Lyrics are provided but you can turn it off too when you know the song by heart.

It was fun to hear praises from the judges (they recorded their famous comments). It's like going through a real AI audition. I got through Hollywood. Sweet!!!

Now comes the bad news: there are only, like, 40 songs in the game. What?!!! That really sucks big time. I'm used to having hundreds of songs in MagicSing. Big Bummer. The microphone only works when you're supposed to sing. Not sure if we can use it as a regular mic when we wanna do YouTube videoke sessions.

When I played tournament, I passed through audition, semi-finals, and became a Top Ten finalist. Unforch, with a lousy "Holiday" performance, I got voted off. Well, there's always a next time.

If you have more than one USB mic, you can do a duet. It can also support up to 8 players so you can battle it out when you're in a party or sumpthin. When you reach the highest score for a song, which is 100,000 points, you can unlock several contents (bonus songs and vids).



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