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Saturday, April 26, 2008

New Apple Store @ Fair Oaks Mall

Ogz and I are now here at the new Apple store in Fair Oaks. Unforch, we didn't get the free t-shirt that they gave away for the first 1000 visitors. Bummer!

I looked around and found a Belkin USB Hub. My MacBook Air only has 1 USB (which kinda sucks) so I needed a hub. That way, I could recharge the battery of me iPod while still connected to the network in the office. I could also upload the photos in my SD card easily.
When I was ready to pay, I looked for their payment counters but found none. An associate told me that I could approach anyone in a Mac shirt and they could help me. Otay. That's good for the customers 'cause you don't need to wait in line anymore. You just approach the Mac peeps and pay. Although we noticed that some were just talking amongst themselves when nobody was asking them for anything. Teehee...

Oh, before we left the shop, I changed one of the wallpapers of one MacBook Air and featured one of the photos above ;oP


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u look more tomboyish in your new hairstyle. eyelovit!

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