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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Nice Upgrade

So thrilled to find this in my hotel room. Too bad, my MagicSing has seen better days already. It would've been fun to bring it here in South Carolina and bug the hell out of our neighbors ;oP
We tried Fuddruckers for dinner tonight. It's located just across the street. We braved the passing cars along Woodruff Road and got there safely. Whew!

I chose 1/3 lb of meat, Chipotle BBQ and requested to have it cooked medium well. I left my name, "Salvador" (Ogz used his real nick, "JR"). Your name will be called once your burger is cooked.
They have a fresh produce section (it looks like the salad bar at Pizza Hut back home) where you can get as much lettuce, onions, tomatoes, pickles, etc. as you want. They have different sauces too: ketchup, mustard, hot cheese with jalapeno, etc. I told Ogz that whenever we need to cook sarciado or any type of "gisa", we can come here and get the onions & tomatoes ;oP (so Pinoy).


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