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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Some TV News

I'm so happy that my ABC shows are back.

I so miss hearing the songs that they feature in "Grey's Anatomy". "Chasing Cars" is my ultimate favorite from their soundtrack.

There are many episodes that made me cry throughout the entire 4 seasons, usually involving someone dying like Denny Duquette and O'Malley's dad. Last night's episode ain't a tearjerker though.

Oh my galoshes! Addison is coming back to Seattle Grace Hospital next week. Can't wait to see her. Wait, does that mean her other show, "Private Practice", has been canned?

As for "Lost", last night's episode explained how in the world Sayyid became Ben's BFF.

Now we know that the black smoke can be summoned and controlled by Ben or was it Jacob who did it?

For a while there, I thought Claire was already a goner. And there's the oh-my-god moment when Ben sacrified his only daughter.


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