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Sunday, May 04, 2008

Iron Man

Sometimes it's good to watch a movie without any expectations.

I think the last Robert Downey, Jr. movie I saw was "Heart and Souls". And then there was his brief participation in "Ally McBeal". I couldn't say that I'm a fan of his work but this latest Marvel film made me a convert.

I like the witty remarks, the gadgets, the effects, and the humor of Robert Downey. My fave scenes were during the moments when Tony Stark was perfecting his flying skills. I also noticed that for the first time, the hero and his leading lady didn't have any kissing scene.

I didn't know that I'd enjoy the movie so much. I really hope they would do a sequel.

Watch out for Stan Lee's cameo. Also, don't leave the movie house just yet 'cause after the end credits, there's a bonus scene (sumpthin' that Ogz & I failed to see). Bummer!



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