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Monday, May 19, 2008

Looking Forward to Long Weekend

Unlike in the Philippines where holidays come a plenty, here in the US, we only get a handful. Upcoming is Memorial Day on the 26th. With a negative bank account, I don't think I'd enjoy this long weekend.

Raz, one of our good friends/co-worker, is coming over too. I'm excited to see her again. She'll stay at the apartment so that means, I need to share the bedroom with Ogz. The problem is, we have tons of things (clothes, shoes, junk) so the storage is gonna be a challenge. I wish our company would give us a 3-bedroom apartment. That would really be great!

Oh, my Wii Fit is arriving on the 22nd too. Super excited to do some exercises with it. I hope I could lose weight with it. I plan to stick with my no-sodium diet and will start my exercises this week. Now that Alwyn is here, I'm inspired to go to the gym again. He's lost a lotta weight! Idol.


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