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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Low-Salt Diet

Last Sunday, there's a free blood pressure checkup at our church, "Christ the Redeemer". The old lady there advised me to see a doctor when the BP is still high after a week. And so I did.

After a few minoots of waiting, a doctor checked on my BP. He said it's high so he got another doctor to check on it. This time, I was told to lie down. He poked on my tummy (I controlled myself from giggling) and back. When he breathed a sigh of relief, I relaxed more. But still my BP is high.

He recommended a medicine that I can get from Giant or CVS. I asked about the price 'cause I don't have Medicare here in the US. Incidentally, I need to ask my company about my medical insurance. The doctor informed me that the medicine ain't expensive. Whew!

He also advised me to go low on salt, do some exercises and stop smoking (I don't smoke though. He wanted to see me after a week too. I'll be monitoring my BP from now on.

Paid for my doctor's appointment then left to buy my meds.

Ogz & I met at Giant. Then we had a quick lunch at a Thai resto. I had some crystal noodles (sotanghon locally). I was happy about my food.

Then it's poker time at Kirkpatrick's. When we got there, peeps have started playing but they still accommodated us.

We were, like, more than 20 players. I only made it to 4th place. One more spot and I could've gotten a 10-dollar gift certificate. Oh well. I'm happy that I wasn't the first to be eliminated. That's my wish every time I play poker here.

Went back home to have dinner with our friends. Noel, Alwyn and Lizette (minus Richie) shared some stories about the "new" office. We, in turn, made them laugh with our adventures here.

Around 9, Ogz & I went back to Kirk's and joined the karaoke session. I wanted to sing "Get Here" so I wrote it down on a piece of paper and submitted it to the DJ.

I don't have "Get Here" in my MagicSing list so this is actually the first time that I'll be singing this live.  Struggled a bit in the opening. I also got distracted by the DJ doing some stuff with his gadgets. But, I made it through. I was happy with my performance. As long as I could hear not just Ogz clapping in the end, I'm fine with it ;oP


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