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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Back to Indiana

After my brunch at Akira, I hopped into a cab that dropped me off at Dulles Airport. One thing nice about living in Ashburn is that, it's pretty close to the airport. About 15 minutes, give or take.

I already checked in the night before so I went straight to security. Ever since I started traveling weekly to South Carolina, I've mastered the art of traveling light. No more toiletries to bring since I can get them at the hotel. This time though, I'm traveling to Fort Wayne, Indiana.

I've been to Fort Wayne once. That was during my first month here last year. I worked with Dennis (he looks like Sir Sean Connery) and Emily (she, on the other hand, looks like Meryll Streep). This time, I'm working with 2 different colleagues: David and Ian.

When I found out that my gate is on B23, it was an "Oh, man" moment. The B gates are quite far. No shuttle to take you there so you have to walk. There are 3 walkalators but the middle one wasn't workin'. At the end, there's a steep escalator that will bring you to the shops and eventually, the B gates.

Leaving at 2 is a good decision since I still could relax while waiting for my boarding time. I watched "The Invasion" which stars Nicole Kidman and Mr. Bond himself, Daniel Craig. The first movie that they teamed-up. Second one is "The Golden Compass".

Why can't Dulles Airport offer free Wi-Fi connection?!

The flight to Detroit is 1.5 hours. Reached Detroit around 6 pm. I still have an hour and a half to kill before my plane to Fort Wayne leaves.
Still no free Wi-Fi. Bummer!
We landed at Fort Wayne around 8 pm. After I got my welcome cookie from the cookie lady, I joined David. We picked up one of our colleagues named Terrie at a resto called Casa!.  I informed David that I haven't eaten anything for dinner yet so I grabbed a bite at Arby's. Got myself some Italian sandwich for din-dins.

When I saw the hotel we're staying at, I remember this to be the same Residence Inn that I stayed in last year. Since Dave couldn't find a separate room for me, we just got a 2-bedroom suite.

Tomorrow is gonna be a long day so I can't stay up late. 


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