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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

I ♥ Olay!

Remember that I tried Olay's 14-day Regenerist Skin Treatment? Well, I'm quite happy with the results alright but...there's a big BUT. On the third night, when I opened the tube, I got irritated because the cream won't come out. I kept on squeezing. Then I got a pair of scissors and cut the other end. To my shock, there wasn't any cream in the first place. 'twas EMPTY!!!

I immediately went to Olay's website and looked for the customer service e-mail. Found it and composed a very sincere e-mail. I told them that I'd continually support Olay even though this thing happened to me.

I got a reply from Amy, P&G's Customer Relations Officer, the day after. She informed me that she'll investigate the issue and send me a letter in a few weeks.

Well, I found a letter from P&G today. It came from Amy. There was an enclosed discount coupon for Venus Embrace razor. I thought, that's it? I got a freakin' razor for me legs? Ugh!

And to my surprise, there's a small coupon stapled on the letter that I didn't notice earlier. There it was, a free Olay Regenerist that I can redeem at any store. Yay!

It pays to be vocal.


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