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Monday, June 16, 2008

It's NOT Happening

Save your moolah. I'm telling you now. It's not worth it.

I thought I would enjoy this film but, man, oh man. M. Night Shyamalan has deffo lost his magic touch.

'twas scary at first because peeps from different parts of the East Coast (yep, Virginia is included there somewhere) started to behave weirdly. They stop whatever they're doing. They get disoriented and incoherent. They keep mumbling things over and over again. And then, they kill themselves. One nice shot was when three peeps used the same gun to kill themselves.

All because of... ta-duh! Freakin' Nature. Yep. "It's the plants!" Whaaaat?!!! How can you be scared of trees or plants swaying in the wind? Not very effective.

The iPhone has been given a free promotion but the video it captured was really fake looking.

And if you're looking for M. Night in the movie (he likes to do cameos, right?), well this time, he only lent his voice as "Joey". Maybe he's too ashamed to show himself.

I almost peed in my pants watching "The Strangers". So if you want a really good scary movie, watch that instead.



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