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Friday, June 27, 2008

Once a Trainer, Always a Trainer

It's been more than 2 years now since I last changed profession. I have been in Training since day one of my IT career. Through that, I have learned so many things, adjusted to different types of audiences, met so many interesting people, and visited new & exciting places. Traveling is just one of the perks. Participants giving you gifts is another.

One of the most unforgettable training assignments I've had is the AC project. There, I got to travel the US for the first time. Bonded with my evil twin sister, Joyish. Traveled New York, Minneapolis, Indiana, and Florida for the first time.

As far as Asia is concerned, I also got to see Malaysia and Taiwan for free. In Taiwan, they were EXTREMELY nice over there that even my pasalubongs were taken care of.

Speaking of gifts, one of my favorite gifts is a huge stuffed pig that I got from my AC participants. I gave them the what-is-your-favorite-movie icebreaker and at the end of our class, they got me something from my favorite movie, Babe. The 8-year-old pig is still with me. I cherish it so much.

Whenever I have teaching assignments that fall on my birthday, I get to receive presents too. During my first teaching stint in the US, my fellow co-facilitators gave me a surprise birthday cake with those self-lighting candles. That was funny. I was really touched 'cause I really wasn't expecting it at all. Second time it happened was in the Philippines. My Technical Support group gave me a big chocolate cake too. So so nice. I love surprises and presents ;oP

Now, the question is: do I miss that? Well, now, even though I don't exactly do training anymore, I still get training assignments. Yep, training gods still knock on my door every now and then. Last one was in South Carolina just before I left the project. And today, Dave requested me to give training to our clients here in Indiana. I enjoy presenting our product. I enjoy meeting people and entertaining their questions. I'm glad I can still do training again.


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