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Saturday, June 07, 2008


Ratatouille reminds me so much of my favorite animation film of all time, "An American Tail". Well, the main characters are both rats and both got separated from their families early in the movie. But this time though, Remy, our adorable rat is into cooking (sumpthin' that I enjoy doin' too).

Linguini, the boy who can't cook, looks like a young Conan O'Brien. I just hope that he got rabies shot 'cause Remy bit him several times.

I like the scene where he opened the jar to let go of Remy and Remy smelled the air first, looked at him and ran like hell.

I wish I have a pet like Remy who could do the cooking for me.

Not sure about the rats running the resto though. I don't think that's sanitary at all.



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