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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Revisiting Old Town, Alexandria

We weren't able to go to Alexandria last week but we made sure that this time, our plan pushes through. The group, minus Noel, reached Old town, Alexandria around 2 pm. All of us were super hungry already.
We first looked for a parking space near the Waterfront. Found one that offers a flat rate of 7 bucks for 5 hours. Not bad since we're six in the group: Richie, Alwyn, Ogz, Lizette, Raz and the Knottydon. We're also super excited to use Lizette's new camera, Canon EOS 40D.

We asked the parking attendant where Chart House restaurant is located (Jeff, our co-worker, suggested to try it). She told me that we can find it near the Harbor. I thought immediately that it ought to be the one with the lighthouse view. I was right.
At the Chart House, the lady behind the desk asked us if we called beforehand. I said no. 'twas not a busy afternoon so we got our table after a few minutes of waiting. Too bad we didn't get a window table. Jordan, who looks like Paul Bettany ("Wimbledon" and Silas in "Da Vinci Code"), was assigned to be our waiter.

After inspecting the menus, we couldn't find the steaks. Richie asked Jordan and he informed us that they have steaks in their dinner menu. Duh! They have prime ribs, new york strip and filet mignon. I got some prime ribs and clam chowder. We also ordered our dessert 'cause it takes half an hour to cook.
While waiting for our food, Jordan offered us some bread. I like their crackers with roasted sesame seeds. Their clam chowder is truly delish. One of the best I've ever tasted. A must try. It's served in a cute aluminum caldero.
When my steak arrived, I was a bit disappointed to see it being raw looking. I was expecting a more darker/cooked meat. But when I had my first bite, oh my godzilla! The meat was tender and juicy. The White Zinfandel complements it so well.
Dessert came in the form of "Hot Chocolate Lava Cake". I'm sure my choco-lover friends scattered around the world (you know who you are) would enjoy this very delectable dessert. Listen to this, Godiva chocolate cake, vanilla ice cream and Heath Bar that adds to the crunchiness. Perfect!
Before we left, we had our customary group photo. Thank gawd Jordan knows how to take good pictures ;oP And thanks to Photoshop's photo stitch feature, I was able to recreate the whole view outside from the resto.
When we left the restaurant, it was already windy. The dark clouds were not a good sign either. We hurriedly checked out the harbor area and the nearby park. You'll seldom see all of us in the picture together 'cause it's so hard to approach strangers to take our pictures for us.
Alexandria offers free cable car rides up and down King street. The "Free" sign is enuff to convince us to try it. Plus, it started to rain a bit. We even saw birds eating french fries on the street!
Went inside a Hallmark store and found these cute kitties:
Found a nice store called "Artcraft" where I bought this nice set of cute pups & kitties magnets and a mints case holder featuring Michelangelo's David:
Around 7, we decided to go back home.


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