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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Train, Train, Go Away

The night before, I set the alarm clock at 7 and requested for a wakeup call. I wanna make sure that I don't oversleep on my first work day here. That's the worst thing that could ever happen.

And so I woke up at 6:30. Feeling sluggish. Am deffo not a morning person.

Quickly hit the shower and dressed up. Am wearing my A&F polo, Banana Rep pants and Kenneth Cole shoes. Yep, I look formal alright. I'm also wearing the tie that Ogz lent me. I made sure that the tip of the tie doesn't reach past my belt buckle. Read that in some fashion mag.

At the lobby. I grabbed some eggs and sausage. I noticed that David was just eating a banana. When Terrie arrived, she didn't eat anything either. Oops! Tomorrow, I need to wake up even earlier to have a decent meal.

Going to the office takes about 20 minoots. We passed downtown Fort Wayne. I saw The Embassy theater where Ruben Studdard will perform soon. I saw a neighborhood of antique-looking houses.
David introduced me to the peeps that we'll be working with. He also gave me a quick tour of the place. Since I'm extremely poor with directions, I'd probably get lost going to & from the restrooms or cafeteria.

Then my lappy was given Wi-Fi access and got scanned for viruses. Their network admin advised me to get AVG online and scan my MBA. The scanning procedure took close to two hours to finish.

Lunch at the cafeteria was composed of a creamy potato soup and beef stir-fry. The beef wasn't so tender but I like the sauce and mushrooms. Am happy too with the soup.

After some tinkering with my lappy, I was able to connect to the machine that I use in Ashburn.

On our way home, we got held up by a train. In one coach, somebody sprayed the words, "THERE IS NO END IN SIGHT!".

We had dinner at a place called Smokey Bones. It reminds me of Sticky Fingers in Greenville. I ordered their 1/3 baby back ribs, plus 2 servings of fire cracker corn and potato soup. 'twas good.

Then we continued the fun at Zambucas, an Italian pub managed by Tony. There's a 5-bucks cover charge. They have 1 dollar Miller Lite on Wednesdays. Terrie shared her skydiving experience. I also found out that Dave is a big music fan.

Tomorrow, I'll be giving a 3-hour presentation on our product. I'll be discussing the basics of process modeling, teaching the client on how to customize things, and also showcase what we've done for the project so far.


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