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Monday, July 21, 2008

Back at Tirta Spa

A few minoots after 5 in the afternoon, I boarded a tricycle and asked the driver to take me to Tirta Spa. If I had known that it's just a walking distance from Kuya's house, I would have just used my two feet.

I jumped when the gong was struck--even though I was expecting it already. This is to signal that a client has arrived. I noticed that they put flowers now along the edge of the ascending pathway.

Two spa attendants welcomed me. They asked if I know what service I'm gonna get. I told them I need to see the list again.

The Men's Vitality looks inviting: a facial plus body scrub. It's been awhile since I last had a full body massage.

When I was about to pay, I noticed that I forgot to bring my credit card. Crap! I told them that I have to come back ASAP.

Take 2. I eventually got their Promo 2, consisted of a calamansi & ginger body scrub, a Hilot massage, and a Biodroga facial (which is imported from Australia).

Lyn accompanied me to my villa. Placed my flip-flops in a basket located just to the right of the door. I was led to the changing area. They offered this thong for my body scrub. 'twas too large for me but I wore it anyways along with their sarong.

I sat down and drank some ginger tea while my masseuse explained to me the scrub, oils and creams that will be used for me body. Am excited now.

Lyn advised me to lay face down minus the sarong. The massage started from the hair/head, then came the back of me legs, then the arms, then the back and shoulders. She then told me to turnover. Legs. Arms. Tummy. Chest and shoulders. I controlled myself from giggling when she scrubbed my tummy.

I was a bit concerned with my injured left pinky finger but nuthin' bad happened to it.

Afterwards, I took a shower. Lyn advised me to refrain from using the body wash.

I went back to the couch and had some water with lemon. Next was the hilot massage. Lyn scanned my back three times. She informed me that she didn't detect any "lamig" other than the areas of my tummy and the "reproductive system". I dunno what she meant by that.

The massage was really nice. I like the hand, feet and knee massages. The leg stretching could use some more pressure though.

During the last 30 minoots, Lyn concentrated on my face. I was thinking about the Olay cream that I normally use. Hopefully that won't have any strange effect with the creams being used on me face. She used her fingertips to massage my face lightly. I enjoyed that.

I would've loved to stay on the bed and get some sleep but it's already time to go. Oh, man!!!


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