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Sunday, July 06, 2008

Bose QuietComfort 3 2

One more week and I'll be seeing the busy streets of Makati again, getting stuck in traffic for freakin' hours again, inhaling all the pollution of Manila again, and spending hours of my time commuting again. On the good side, I'll be seeing my family, friends and colleagues. I'll be seeing my new niece named Disney. I'll be tasting the best dishes in the world. Nuthin' beats Filipino food. Teehee. I'll be swimming in Boracay again. I'll be catching up with friends that I so miss hanging out with.

But first, I need to buy something to make Lance and Fiong-Fiong happy. The baby doesn't know the concept of gifts yet ;oP Raz, Ogz and I went to Toys 'R Us in Sterling today. There were Batman toys, new Transformers Animated toys but they look kinda weird, the usual Barbie dolls in every imaginable costumes, etc. I got a new toy for Lance which I'm sure he'll like. For Fiona, I got her some bags. Don't ruin the surprise, Kuya.

We then had our late lunch at Akira. I'll miss their fresh tempura and the best soft-shell crabs I've ever tasted.

We picked Richie up so we could all go to Leesburg Premium Outlets.

My first stop was at Bose. I tested their QuietComfort 3 noise cancelling headphone. It's a lot smaller than the previous version. It has a rechargeable battery already, unlike its predecessor where you need to have a supply of triple-As. It effectively cancels out unwanted noise but the on-ear design wasn't what I wanted though. The sales attendant advised me to try out QuietComfort 2 which has an over-the-ear design. I find this more comfy.

I asked about their factory renewed models. From 299 bucks, I got a 50-dollar discount. Plus the guy gave me another 10 percent. So happy I could do the dance of joy ;oP I trust Bose in giving me the best music experience. Now, with my sleep mask from Sharper Image (the best there is) and this noise-canceling headphone from Bose, I might have a better flying experience. I seldom get some shuteye when I'm up there in the air.

I heart Kenneth Cole. I give them props for creating shoes with unique designs. I'm a sucker for uniqueness so I got this new pair of dark brown shoes with a very nice sole design. Can't wait to wear them.

I'm still not done with my packing and buying "pasalubong" for family and friends. Maybe on Thursday and Friday I can do some of that.


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