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Thursday, July 24, 2008

Bye, Wok Inn. Hello, Krispy Kreme!

The new office location has its perks. UCPB is a lot closer now. There's a branch along dela rosa st. From the office, make a left and cross the street. Then walk towards Landmark and just a few distance away, you'll see one to your right. Just before a 7-Eleven store. No more underpasses.

I have an HSBC credit card and every time I pay, I have to make a long walk towards the RCBC branch. Am happy that they have one branch inside the Enterprise which is along Ayala cor. dela rosa. Very near the office. Yay!

The malls are quite closer now too. You don't need to hail a cab or fx to visit them. I can get my daily exercise ;oP

Sugar fix is also near. There's a new Krispy Kreme store along Ayala near Goldilocks. *drools* No need to visit The Fort or Megamall. Tabel, Bengers, Lizette with Hubby in tow and I chilled out there for a while. Their dozen costs 265 pesos. If you get 2, you will save 30 bucks. I got some decaf coffee too. The good news is, they have free wi-fi. Now, I can go there anytime I want for me donuts, coffee and wi-fi ;oP

Say bye-bye to "Wok Inn" in Park Square. It was replaced by a similar resto named "Dragon Wok". Change of management perhaps? They still have our favorite sipa, grilled squid and halaan.
Found a store in Park Square selling MacBook Air for 88,500 pesos. That is roughly 19 hundred bucks. Still no sign of 3G iPhones.


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