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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Days Like These

At 7:30, Bengers, Pattie & I headed out to Sentro in Greenbelt 3. We had reservations at 8 but I was advised to come half an hour earlier. 

I invited 11 more friends: Nikks, Joyish, Table, Bulilit, Rene, Jun, Faye, Boy, Mike, and Lizette. Nikks & Table would be joining us later. Jun had some errand to do so he couldn't make it anymore. Mike took a raincheck too.

While waiting for the rest of the guests, we ordered drinks. I got me-self some ice cold San Mig Light. Faye arrived shortly. She requested sizzling tofu. Right, it's one of the specialties of Sentro. How can I forget! We also got some veggie rolls.
Rene and Boyette arrived a few minoots apart. Then came Lizette and Joyish. Joy is leaving for the US on Monday.
Then it was time to eat. We had some corned beef sinigang (even though I requested a more sour soup, they didn't make it the way I wanted it), galunggong fillets cooked in EVOO and the ever sinful boneless crispy pata. There were a lot of leftovers so I took home some of them. I have plenty of food on Monday ;oP

At 10, we decided to continue the fun at a new videoke place called "Maru". It's located near KFC in Jupiter st. and right beside Strumms. Sherwin informed me that it's not up to par with "Red Box". He wasn't kidding. The place looks old and dingy.

You can sing your hearts out at 280 pesos for three hours and it's consumable. Well, when we looked at the drinks menu, most of them are in the 100 peso range. Beng ordered Vodka Ice and they didn't have it. When Joy tasted her drink, it wasn't good at all. I played it safe with San Mig Light. Oh, the service sucks. The intercom that they have inside the room doesn't work.

As for the videoke system, they have two big books for you to choose your songs from. Be careful though, a good chunk of the pages are for listening songs, meaning, the songs have freakin' vocals. Why would I go to a videoke bar and let some unknown singers sing the songs that I wanna sing?! 

Oh, 98% of the songs are old. Although, I was able to sing songs like "A Very Special Love", "Maybe It's You", "Tila". Ogz, if you're reading this, they have "Used to Be". Too bad, I can't sing it alone.

Joy had to go somewhere else so she bid goodbye after an hour. She missed Nikks' arrival though. Then Pattie said goodbye and Rene followed suit. When it was only the three of us left, Boy arrived. Still no sign of Table.
After our singing stint, we didn't know where to go next. It's still early (1 o'clock). Beng suggested to go to Warehouse in Pasong Tamo but the plan didn't push through. Instead, she went home. Teehee...

So it's just Nikks, Boy and I. We went back to the office first to leave our stuff behind. Then we had some coffee at Starbucks in GB3. Catching up till 5 in the morning. Whew!

Received a text message from Table. She's got caught up with work so she couldn't join us =o(


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