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Saturday, July 05, 2008

Fourth of July Shopping

After lunch, Raz, Ogz, Alwyn, Richie and I proceeded to "Potomac Mills" in Prince William, VA. Richie wanted to check out IKEA there too. Raz hasn't been to an IKEA store yet too. So that's one of the plans today.

Found a nice "Ed Hardy" shirt at some store whose name escapes me right now. Too bad their Medium is a teeny weeny tight for my chest. So I left the store disappointed. I glanced at the window and found a mannequin wearing the shirt that I wanted. The shirt looks bigger so I went back in. Asked one of the sales personnel named John and he gladly undress the lifeless model for me. Yay, it's large!

Continued shopping at "Hollister" and "Abercrombie & Fitch" but didn't find anything good. Went inside "Banana Republic". I went directly to their Clearance rack and found two pair of pants. It's hard to find 33/30 or 34/30 here. Actually 29 is more of my length. One pair of pants I got for just 14 bucks. I'm happy with my discoveries ;oP

At 2, we convened at the food court and had some lunch. Not too happy with my food. Bleh!

Then it's Marshall's time. I spent a good deal of my time at the polo shirts and tie section. I've been buying them for work lately. Again, they don't have too many of my size, 15 1/2 and 32/33. I found only a couple and bought 3 ties that can go with 'em.

I bumped into Raz and since I'm done with my shopping, I accompanied her at Polo Ralph Lauren store. I found a nice polo and she got the same design for Jojo, her hubby.

Last stop was at some jewelry store. I decided to upgrade my diamond earring ;oP

We checked out the IKEA store next. There are so many things you can spend your money on here to beautify every single room of your house. Every time I see a nice looking bed, I try it out. Had some snacks there. We ordered some pasta and meatballs. 
We enjoyed our trip there.


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