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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Going Home

At 9:30, I brought my baggages down with the help of Raz and Ogz. I can't believe I'm going back home. I will miss Ashburn so much.

Richie offered to drive me to the airport. My 3 bags won't fit our Prius so I requested them to use the other vehicle.

My only concern is overweight baggage. I've got so many stuff to bring home. I even left a whole lotta stuff in the closet that I share with Ogz. That's how much stuff I've got. Thank God that each checked-in baggage only weighed around 60ish pounds. Whew!

The flight personnel gave me a center seat all throughout my flight. Bummer.

At Security, I dunno what happened but I got an additional security check. I was thinking maybe the different look in my passport contributed to it or the shemagh that I wore or maybe I look like somebody in their police report.

So I was asked to stay in this aquariumish room you see in the airport beside security. It's not a busy day so there were only a few people passing by. I tried to stay calm and collected. I even smiled at the people. One thing that I noticed that people that go through this additional security look all pretty serious.

Anyhoo, a lady officer carried my stuff to this machine and checked my stuff. She uses this circular paper and wipes the edges of my things. My iPods were checked. The laptop. The digital camera. The edges of my carry-on luggage.

Each test came negative and no alarm went off. Whew!

After a few minutes, she left me as if nuthin' happened. I almost forgot to claim my passport and boarding pass.

Before I boarded the plane, the flight attendant advised me to check in my carry-on luggage 'cause it's big or plump. Eh? She stuck this sticker to the handle and gave me a copy.

My flight got delayed a bit so I left Washington, DC around 1 already. It only takes about an hour to reach Detroit but I prefer not to be late in my 3 o'clock connecting flight to Manila. I don't wanna be stuck in the airport. Never Ever!

When I reached Gate 38, I noticed boarding hasn't started yet (but there are tons of peeps awaiting) so I grabbed a quick lunch at McDonald's.

It's past 4 already and still only a few got in. We left around 5 pm. 11 hours to burn. I watched "The Mist" on my lappy and "Fool's Gold" on the NWA screen.

I recognized a has-been actor in the passengers list, it's Illac Diaz. I wonder how many jologs like me knows that he "was was" (got this from Nikks) an actor.

Even with the best gadgets, my Sharper Image sleep mask and Bose noise canceling headphones, I wasn't able to get some shuteye. Not even 30 minoots. I feel tired.

3.5 hours of flying again from Detroit to Manila. Ugh!

Notice that I didn't mention the food that I ate? It's because the food isn't worth mentioning at all. Sleep deprived and good food deprived. What a freakin' combo!

Ah, it's nice to see Manila again. As soon as the plane door opened, I dashed towards Customs. It didn't take a long time for the papers to get processed and I patiently waited by the baggage carousel.

First one that I saw was my black Samsonite luggage. Another long wait. Next one was my tangerine Samsonite luggage. Then I got a bad feeling. Very bad feeling for my third luggage. Y'know, the one that got checked in at the gate.

When the last bag got dumped at the carousel, I felt sick. Oh no! Curse that flight attendant! I asked one of the airport personnel where I could report my missing luggage. He pointed me to the NWA station.

The guy there who does too many things all at one got my info. He told me that the luggage got left behind in Detroit. Dayyum! That luggage is extremely important to me. It's got chocolates for Lance & Fiong-Fiong, my bank cards, cash and important documents. Raz, if you're reading this now, Jojo's Boston Celtics cap too.

Am deffo not a happy camper today.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

me premonition na pala :( sad Donish...so sad :(


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