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Thursday, July 03, 2008

I Wanna Go Home!!!

After waiting at the airport for like 3 hours last night, we got booked for today's 8:10 flight. The good thing there is that, I get to spend the night at one of the nicest hotels in downtown Fort Wayne. Too bad I only get to enjoy the bed for 4 hours. But it's a night I won't forget ;oP

Anyhoo, when we got to the airport today, my heart sank when I saw "Cancelled" on our status. Dave & I proceeded to the ticket counter right away.

I was rebooked for the 6:30 am flight that got delayed. I would be leaving Fort Wayne around 8. Hopefully, I'd finally get home later today.

As for David, he was shocked to find out that he got booked for the 8 o'clock flight TOMORROW! The flight coordinator quickly changed that and put him on the same flight as I am.

8 o'clock came and we boarded the plane. I was a bit anxious if we would get deplaned again. After a few minoots of waiting, we're up in the air. Thank gawd.

After an hour, we finally saw Detroit airport. We have less than an hour to kill. Found a Motown store and bought souvenirs. Then a weird alarm came off. Security men were running. Lights were flashing. I asked one of the store personnel about it. It looks like a fire alarm somewhere in the airport. Oh no!

The loud sound stopped after, like, 20 minutes *sigh*. When I reached my gate at A66, I was shocked to see that I have to walk about 35 gates backward. Oh man!

Inside the plane, I was seated at the last row. I was thinking, "I wanna go home and get some freakin' rest". There's another commotion that went on. 3 rows before me, the air vent kept on spewing water (it looks like a faucet with a really bad leak). The passengers who were supposed to seat there were worried. Who wants to sit on a wet chair!

I asked the flight attendant where the water is coming from. She told me that it's from the air conditioner and there's nuthin to worry about. A guy in uniform appeared from the back and took care of the probs. Whew!

At 11:45, we landed at the Dulles airport. Tired. Hungry. Dave & I claimed our luggages, got Dave's car and got some food along the way to the office. So happy to see Ashburn.


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