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Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 3G

The Jeezus phone is coming out in 2 days. I'm leaving for home the day after so I'm torn between buying it or not. Obviously, I cannot use it yet in the Philippines. Fo' sho, they don't have a software that could hack the phone yet. So it would be like having an iTouch. A 200-dollar iTouch. Another option is to buy an already hacked phone in Manila but it won't have GPS nor 3G. The good thing is, I could use it anywhere I go though. But it's gonna be expensive like hell. Hmmmm....

I think I can still wait for a cellphone upgrade. Whenever I think about an upgrade, something bad happens to my current one. I've got this cellphone curse. I keep losing my phone the moment I think about buying a new one. It gets stolen or I just accidentally leave it somewhere, like in cabs. I remember I left my cellphone in a cab in the US. I got it back after a few days. Only to lose it forever when I went back home a few months later.

Y'know, maybe talking about it helps. I just wanna break the dayyum curse.


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