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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Must Eat Rice

Here in Indiana, I seldom get to eat rice. During lunch, we often go to Subway or Arby's 'cause of proximity. At night, there's no nearby Thai or Chinese restaurant. Bummer.

Tonight, Dave, Ian and I went to an Italian resto named "Biaggi's". I got what our waiter suggested, "Chicken Pietro". He informed us that its taste is just out of this world. Really... 

Anyhoo, when my meal came, it's got grilled chix breast, portobello mushrooms and veggies that I don't like to eat: carrots, cucumber and onions. Bleh!

The chicken has this strong balsamic vinegar taste. I wish it was served with rice or some pasta. One thing nice about eating with Dave is that, he shares his food. Me likey. He gave me some of his pasta with clams.


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