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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Next Destination: Boracay

For the past few days, I've been having a hard time booking a flight to Boracay. I use my HSBC credit card but after typing all the deets, I get this additional security code thingie. I have no idea what to type there so online booking is useless. I went to SM Fairview last night and looked for a Cebu Pacific booking office. Nada.

I went back online and looked for a contact number. They only have one phone number in Manila and it's always freakin' busy.

Then I thought of asking a friend to book for me. All I need is the credit card info. I asked Bengers first. Turned out that she doesn't own a credit card. She referred me to Joyish. After a quick exchange of personal info, I got booked... finally. I then did some online banking with UCPB and transfered moolah to her. Super thanks, Joyish!

I'll be seeing my family tomorrow around 4-ish. Am excited to see Disney too.


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