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Thursday, July 03, 2008

One Night Only

Before heading out to Fort Wayne last Sunday, I enjoyed my A&W snack with my rootbeer float. I so miss drinking this.
You can find this elephant statue at Fort Wayne airport. It's located near Security. I would've ignored it if not for where it came from:
This landmark is located just beside Residence Inn on W. Jefferson Blvd.
Before going to the airport today, Dave & I checked out a Filipino store in Lima Road called "Manila Grill". Yesterday was a very disappointing day 'cause when we got there, they told us that they only cook meals from Wednesday to Saturday. Oh man! I was already craving for some local dishes. I was 100x sad & drooled for nuthin'.

Today, we're lucky. They have pork spareribs sinigang, pork afritada, broccoli, and pork tow-cee-noh. It was self-service and buffet style. I got some sinigang and afritada. I told Dave to taste some of the afritada. He liked it. Turned out that Filipino dishes ain't alien to him. He got a taste of "lumpia" before and "pancit". I told him that whenever I cook lumpia again, I'll bring him some. I'm glad he embraced my type of food ;oP We had a very hearty meal. 

Due to severe thunderstorm in Detroit, Dave & I couldn't fly back to DC tonight. After waiting for like 3 hours, we surrendered and just looked for a place to stay. Northwest was very LOUSY providing us hotel service. They told us there's no room available anymore in any of the hotels. Right! Around 8:30, Dave advised the flight coordinator to call Hilton 'cause last week, he got bumped too and he stayed at Hilton for the night. Hilton is always glad to accommodate their distressed passengers. I Hilton!

We got the room for, like, 89 bucks. Boy! Oh! Boy! The room was pretty nice. My mini office space is quite nice. There's a mini coffee machine awaiting. I was able to connect to the internet right away too.
I've got twin-sized beds. I don't like the floral design on the bedsheet though. Huge window but no view. Crappy! That huge bottle of water is not free. Of course, I didn't touch it.
The TV ain't LCD yet unlike in other Hilton hotels.
In the bathroom, there are two tissues near the toilet. No special presentation of towels either.
As for the bathroom amenities, they have Crabtree & Evelyn soap, shampoo, conditioner, lotion and even mouthwash! Sweet!
Too bad our flight tomorrow is at 8 am. I would love to stay in bed forever.


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