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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

See You in December

Ugh! I dread this day. I hate saying goodbye to my family again....

I woke up early as usual. I caught Angela wiping the faces of her still sleeping children. It's school day and they need to prepare and go to school before 8.

For brekky, I had some tuyo, scrambled eggs and sinangag. Perfect!

I had 3 hours to kill so I decided to hit the beach again. Started from D'Mall. After floating and swimming for awhile, I began itching. I left the area and walked the stretch of the beach towards Station 1, past Willy's Rock.

In front of Friday's, I continued my swimming. I have the area to myself. Ahhhh. Feels sooo great.

Before 10, I walked back towards D'Mall and went back home. Took a bath and had an early lunch. Angela cooked some beefsteak and chopsuey.

Around 11, Fiona appeared in the doorway. She's done school for the day. After taking her lunch, we went back to her school and looked for Mommy and Lance.

Kissed and hugged Mom & Lance. Bid goodbye to Angela and Joy at home. Lastly, Fiona kissed me goodbye. Before leaving the house, we took these photos. Fiona is such a beautiful girl, no? Angela informed me that Fiona's crying when I left the house =o(
After a 10-peso ride to Cagban, 20-peso boat ride (plus 50-peso terminal fee), and a 40-peso tricycle ride to Caticlan ariport, I checked-in my luggage. No excess weight this time. Paid 20 for another terminal fee.

The plane would be taxiing down the NAIA Terminal 3 so that's good news for me 'cause I'm excited to see what's inside this freakin' controversial airport.
Terminal 3 is a big airport alright. The plane stopped some meters away from the doors so I did a lotta walking. Inside, some walls have cracks in them. Creepy!
We were told that our luggage were the first ones to appear on the conveyor belt. We were also given souvenir items from Cebu Pacific, consisted of a red pouch with 2 toothpaste sachets, a Colgate 360 toothbrush and a Colgate mouthwash. Sweet!

Then it's time to find a cab. Their public transportation ain't efficient yet so I had to walk a good distance to reach the highway. There I hailed a cab going to Mantrade MRT station.

I noticed that the MRT ride hasn't improved at all. Yes, they changed the voice of the station announcer. It's more clear now. But we still need a LOT of trains to accommodate the passengers. It's like a can of sardines in there.

I decided to watch "The Dark Night" in SM Fairview. I'll share my review in a different post. For dinner, I had some beef misono at Tokyo Tokyo. Tomorrow, I'll be seeing the office for the first time.


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