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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Am happy that I finally got to see "Wall·E" tonight. And, boy, Pixar delivered a very fine animated film!

Wall·E, in case you didn't catch it, is short for Waste Allocation Load Lifter and E is for Earth Class. He's the only one left in his class so he's kinda lonely =o(

He spends his time cleaning out trash (left behind by earth's previous inhabitants) and builds them up into tall buildings. It's quite neat when you see his stack creations.

To relax, he watches a 1969 movie called "Hello, Dolly!" Now, I wanna see it too and hold hands with my Eve... ehem. He records his favorite audio and plays it back when he needs inspiration. How cute!

I can't imagine being alone in this world with trash all around me and a pet roach to keep me company. Well, at least, he still got TV, his 1st-Gen iPod music, and his collection of knick knacks.

He is so adorable especially when he's actin' like a teenager who's foolishly in love. He's sooo cute when he's shakin' too. I Wall·E's wake-up scene!

Now, let's talk about his love interest, Eve. Don't let the very simple & sleek design fool ya. This robot could obliterate you in a single shot.

There's another cute robot in the film called "M-O". He's the Bree-Van-de-Kamp bot.

My favorite scene was when
Wall·E rebooted in the last scene and he returned to his startup feature—losing his personality and all. I was, like, Oh nooooo!

For the Mac lovers out there, watch out for the boot-up sound of Wall·E ;oP



Anonymous Grasya said...

i so love this movie that i am going to get the DVD of it once its out ...

6:52 AM  

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