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Friday, August 08, 2008

Another US Embassy Interview

I get stressed out whenever I have an interview with the US Embassy. Even though I've done this a coupla times, still, I think about a LOT of what-ifs.

Woke up before 6 and took a quick shower. I was already prepared half an hour later. Super thanks, by the way, to an angel who offered a place for me to stay. Walked to work and got my documents. I also had some coffee and brekky.

Beng, Mon and Herbert all wished me good luck. They reported for work early for their badminton workout =oD

Reached the Embassy at quarter to 8. My interview is still more than an hour and a half away. I wanna sleep some mo'.

At 8, we were informed to go inside. "No cellphones allowed", kept hearing that. Starting March of '07, cellphones are not allowed inside the building.

Went inside the pavilion and proceeded to the window marked A-L. That's for the last names starting from A to L. Good thing that the line wasn't long. The guy inside the booth asked for my I-92. Gave him the 3 copies. Then he told me to pay for the anti-fraud fee inside the building.

I went out and went in another building and looked for a cashier. After paying the 500-dollar fee, I went back to the pavilion. The guy handed me a number (2805) for the finger scanning.

After waiting for an hour, my number was called. I went inside for my finger scan. In the booth, I stated my name (last name first) and birthday. Then I placed my first 4 fingers (minus the thumb) of my left hand on the scanner. The lady behind the glass window advised me to use the fingers of my other hand to hold my fingers down. I thought they only wanted my finger prints. I did the same with my right. The last were the thumbs. Whew!

When I went inside the non-immigrant interview area, the numbers being called were around 2650-ish. I though, "this is gonna be a long wait".

While waiting, I overheard a conversation at Window 7 where a young lady was being interviewed by a young man. He asks an awful LOT of questions. He verifies what he's heard too. In the end, she got her passport back and a blue sheet of paper which explains why she got denied. In the 20 people that he interviewed, only a handful got smiles on their faces when leaving the premises. Oh my gosh, I don't wanna be assigned to him.

Around 10:30, the number became closer. They must've opened some more interview windows.

2805 came and the number beside it... 07. OMG! OMG!

I greeted the guy a pleasant morning and gave him my passport along with my application form. He asked right away what my purpose of going to the US is. I said, I'm gonna work there as a Technical Lead Developer. Then he asked how many times I've done this, when my last visit is, and what Teloworks is.

When he couldn't think of anything more to ask, he blurted out, "Are you married?" I said, "Nope, still single".

When he said, "Okay, you are granted a VISA..." I breathed a big sigh of relief and thanked God silently.

I asked if he has given me a multiple entry visa and he checked. Yup! Thank God!!!

I went back to the Pavilion to pay for the 250-peso delivery service. At 11, I was done ;oP


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