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Thursday, August 21, 2008

D-Day Has Come

Spent the night at Jhie's place in the Fort area. When I woke up, the place was quiet. It's already 11 am, so that means, Jhie has already left for work.

I got up and prepared the ingredients for our lunch. I'm gonna cook adobo for the three of us: Jhie, Nikks and I. Cooking with limited resources was kinda tricky. But I could hear Tim Gunn in the background telling me to "Make it work!"

After cooking the adobo, I fried some daing next. Unforch, I used up all the vinegar for the adobo.  So Jhie and I had some adventure finding "suka" around Rosewood Pointe. It involved us going through a construction site and Jhie wearing a hard hat. Whew!

Lunch was good. It's fun to eat with friends and relax.

Jhie went back to work. Nikks and I watched "What Happens in Vegas" starring Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz.

Around 4:30, we decided to take a dip at the pool.  Spent 30 minoots floating and just trying to relax. They have a very nice pool, I must say. Reminds me of Singapore.
Hugged Nikks tightly before leaving her in Makati. I had to go to LBC to send Kuya some CDs and cellphone for Angela.

Had my dinner at Wok Inn again. I will deffo miss their sipa!

Since it's still early, I just walked around the mall. I went back to DKNY to see the jacket again. Unforch, somebody bought the jacket that I like. Boohoo.

Disappointed, I walked towards Ayala to check out what's happening at the iPhone launch. It's gonna happen at 10 pm but it's better to be early. I dunno how long the line would be.

Anyhoo, when I reached the place, I was surprised that the line was super short. I fell in line and was given a number shortly after. Number 0039. Sweet!
It's gonna be a long wait so I exchanged some chit-chats with my fellow Apple fans. I shared with them my horror story about waiting in line for 7 hours only to be rejected because I don't have an ID issued in the States.

It's nice that Red Ribbon gave away some cakes to the peeps waiting in line. Bottled water and iced tea to wash away the sweetness. Chips were also distributed. Oh, Globe gave away pens *rolls my eyes*.
Around 9:30, the crowd got excited. Peeps are now starting to enter the venue. Yippee kayay! My body was tingling. Teehee...

I was led to a counter and the lady behind it asked me if I had reservations. I said yes. She gave me this red paper bracelet. A camera was taking a vid of me. I dunno where it'll be shown.

Afterwards, I was directed to the pre-screening process. I went to counter 39. The guy asked for my ID, credit card and what plan & model I wanna get. Since, 16GB is too much for me, I opted for the 8GB. I also got the prepaid plan. That means, Globe won't have nuthin' on me.

After waiting for more than 30 minoots, the guy was back with my credit card, ID and receipt. He also gave me a souvenir shirt. Sweet!

Then he brought me the bad news. They will release the phones starting midnight. Whaddaffff!!!

Got plenty of time to spare. I didn't wanna mingle with strangers so I went out. Bumped into Onse while walking along Ayala. I visited the office and got my umbrella.  Relaxed a bit.

When I went back minutes later, the place was now filled with customers and peeps in black iPhone 3G uniforms. For entertainment, women in short shorts were strutting their stuff on stage. I got some beer ;oP Food and drinks were overflowing. Globe has really made this a very special event. I remember the simplicity of the launch in Virginia.
Celebrity sightings include: Cesar Montano who "acted" too animated while being interviewed (he looked very silly) and Rovilson Fernandez, who's also the host of the night.

At 10 minoots to midnight, Rovilson started interviewing peeps to pass the time. I noticed he's wearing a pair of True  I heard Gary V. was also there but I didn't see him.
The countdown began and indoor lightning display ensued. Dancers clad in silver tights appeared. Rovilson introduced the President of Globe, Mr. Gerardo Ablaza, Jr. He talked about technology crap and congratulated the very first guy who reserved the iPhone 3G online. He gave him his iPhone 3G and some freebies. Then came the first person who was in line for the phone. She too got the same set of free stuff. Yeah. Yeah. I want my freakin' phone now!
Then he shouted that it's time to distribute other peeps' phones. Alright!

I went back to Counter 39. Another long wait. I gave my receipt to one of the ladies in uniform. Another long wait.

Then she came back with a small black paper bag. My phone is inside!!! She made me open the small box and enjoy the beauty of the iPhone.

It's time to activate it. Using a small key that comes with the phone, she inserted it in one of the slots and a small card holder appeared.  I used my postpaid Globe SIM card. Then she began the activation process. She shook her head. Uh-oh. That's not a good sign.

She tried to remove the SIM again but couldn't. Oh no!!!

I began to worry. So many sales rep tried to take the SIM card out but they were all unlucky.

Around 1:30, they decided to replace the unit. They gave me a new phone and a new SIM card. They retained my old number since it's postpaid.

After waiting for 6 freakin' hours, I finally got my dream phone.


Anonymous bengers said...

bilib talaga ako sa patience mo Don hehehehehehe.

keep in touch ha :)

7:55 PM  
Blogger jasprene said...

Hi Don. That video you were talking about. That was for ABS-CBN News. I saw you on TV on all news shows by ABS CBN. Have fun on your new phone!!!!!

11:07 AM  

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