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Friday, August 22, 2008

Flying Back to the You-Ess

Reached the airport before 6 pm. I quickly checked in my luggage, paid the 750-peso terminal fee, went through security and waited in the boarding area.

I noticed that many airport personnel were giving me hints to give them some early Christmas gifts. Hello?!!!

Had plenty of time to kill so I was able to relax inside the airport. Little did I know that the opposite would happen later.

I cooked some longganisa and hotdogs earlier so I ate them up for dinner. I bought a 50-peso soda and 50-peso bottled water. Everything is expensive in airports.

The nice thing is, the airport has free wi-fi.

While waiting, I saw a familiar face. It's Monica Jalandoni. We're in the same flight. Too bad I wasn't able to talk to her in the plane.

I don't like to be disturbed when I'm asleep. I noticed that on flights where the flight attendants are Filipinos, they normally wake you up to ask if you wanna eat. If I wanna eat, I'd be awake. Duh!

The food was so-so. PAL serves free red/white wine so I took advantage, of course. The flight attendants are nowhere to be found in-between meals.
The 12-hr flight to LA was uneventful except when the plane quickly swerved to the right. Imagine a car escaping a pothole. That was really scary. I thought it's the end of me....


Anonymous Grasya said...

aba LOLO back in the US of A ka pala ... naks ... lalo kang bibilog nyan ha ... ingat sa food ;)>

5:28 AM  
Blogger knottydon said...

yep. hina-high blood na ko ulit...

5:55 AM  

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