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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Gimmick with Friends

Beng and I proceeded to Greenbelt 5 a.k.a. GB5. The goal is to find a nice place to have dinner. It's my first time to eat here so I'm excited.

GB5 is that place where you won't normally see the jologs ('cept me). It ain't crowded and you can shop in peace. Unforch, there are only a handful of stores and restos.

We found a jampacked resto called "John and Yoko". Many customers = Good food. We checked their menu. Looked promising. Besides, Jhie recommended this already to us.  So we made reservations at 8 while waiting for our other friends. In the meantime, shop.

Found a nice black jacket at DKNY that resembles one of my jackets that I bought at Banana Rep. Hmmm... After trying it out, I returned it to the sales rep.  Teehee...

While waiting for our table at the resto, Beng noticed a celebrity eating inside. It's Bernard Palanca. Second time to see this guy already. First time was when he's wakeboarding at Lago de Oro with Geoffrey Eigenmann & other friends.

Jhie was the first to arrive then Nikks came in minoots later. We sampled their sizzling tofu and fried maki for starters. The tofu dish needs a bit tinkering with the taste though but it's good.
For our main meals, we got some Gyudon (one of their specialties), soft-shell crab (I so miss Akira in Ashburn), tempura and bacon rice. I dunno why, but the food came in that order. We weren't able to try them all at the same time. I joked that if Nikks ordered the Gyudon and wouldn't like to share her food, then we'd only be looking at her finish her meal. Paging, store owners. Or next time, advise the waiters.

Speaking of waiters, the ladies wore boots and short skirts. Very appealing to men in general and foreign customers too, I must say.

Of course, we cannot leave the place without taking photos.
Quite Good 

We tried some desserts at Pia Y Damaso's, which is just a few steps away from the previous place. The place was already closed but we insisted to come in and eat. Teehee.

The waiter was very accommodating. He suggested some bestsellers so we tried 'em. 

Nikks requested the queso de bola cheesecake, Bengers got the brazo de mercedes called "Brazo ni Dona Vicki", Jhie got the chocolate mousse called "Sisa's Dementia" and I got some ube cake. Their names are derived from Rizal's obra maestra. Cute.

We enjoyed the delish desserts with an interesting water blend called "Tubig ni Sisa Maria Clara".
Verdict: Yum-Oh!!!

But wait!!! The fun didn't stop there. We were picked up by Table and we headed down to the new CenterStage in Jupiter. On Wednesdays, the gurls get 50% off of their entrance fee. Sweet!

For four hours, we sang our hearts out. I got to sing "Apologize", "Stop & Stare", "No Air", "Bleeding Love". Still no "Take a Bow" though. Bummer! Tabs sang her favorites from Wency Cornejo "Without You" and "Hanggang" (we enjoyed its MTV the most). Nikks sang "I Loved You, Goodbye" while Jhie sang an Avril's song. Beng picked mostly R&B and Mariah's hits.
'twas already 3 when we're done. More wacky pictures will be posted so come back next time.


Anonymous bengers said...

It's Tubig ni Maria Clara po hehehehhe.

Thanks Don, I enjoyed the dessert though full na ako nun pero panalo ang place and the posh water that was served. Good thing they let us in :D

4:08 PM  
Blogger candylicious said...

huhuhuhu.... sobrang naiinggit na ko... huhuhuhuhu... :(( mukhang masasarap nga yung desserts... sana samahan nyo ko minsan dyan ha.. :)

o ayan tabel, sa wakas nakagimik na rin kayo with donish bago sya bumalik ng US of A... good thing you had fun... :) nakakamiss kayo.. kainez hehehe...


4:46 PM  
Anonymous Jhie said...

kendz! ano pa ba ginagawa mo sa sg? uwi na... sabay kayo ni augz!

gmik! gmik! gmik na! :)

9:48 PM  
Blogger candylicious said...

anong ginagawa ko dito? hindi ko nga rin alam e... e ano nga bang ginagawa ko dito? hehehehe...

naku mare sa totoo lang... hindi pa ko nakakapamasyal dito... puro malling pa lang ang inaatupag ko on weekends... kaya nga wait ko sina tabel na pumunta dito e.. hehehe... baka pwedeng sumabay mag-sentosa hihihihihi.... next week ata darating si augs dito sabi ni lala... at pati si lala hindi ko pa rin namemeet dito hehehehe....

12:39 PM  
Blogger knottydon said...

wish ko lang eh sama-sama tayo lahat sa Christmas!!!

7:22 AM  
Blogger candylicious said...

punta kayo dito... dito tayo mag celebrate ng pasko! :)

i won't be home for Christmas ang drama ko e.. :(

12:59 PM  

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