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Monday, August 11, 2008

iPhone 3G is Coming to Town

Imagine waiting in line from 9 am till 5:30 pm for the Jezus phone only to be rejected because you don't have a freakin' ID issued in the States. Yep, that happened to me. I was crushed. I was super excited to use it on that day and call my friends. But noooooo...

Anyhoo, if you don't succeed in the US, try the Philippines.

Yep, in 11 days, iPhone is coming to town through Globe Philippines. If you want to reserve your phone, click here. You will also find the different plans you can avail, whether post- or prepaid.

I just called Globe's number at +632 730 1999. They informed me that if I get the prepaid plan, I'd also get a 1,000-peso discount plus a 1,000-peso worth of load which will be scattered in 5 months.

Here are a few comparisons of the plans:

Plan 500 x 24 months + 29,000 = 41,000 (you spent after 2 years)

Plan 800 x 24 months + 25,700 = 44,900

Plan 1,599 x 24 mos. + 16,800 = 55,176

With prepaid, you're not tied up with any 2-year plan. You can use your credit card to finance the phone for one year. 0% interest!!!

Now, will I be successful this time? Cross your fingers.


Anonymous Jhie said...

How much 'yung unit if prepaid?

9:16 AM  
Blogger candylicious said...

mare, according sa website... 41K yung 8G, 48K yung 16G (tama ba donish?)... buti pa nga dyan pwedeng prepaid e.. dito ang press release pa lang, puro pang post paid... but anyhoo.. wala naman akong balak bumili.. nakikisawsaw lang.. bwehehehehe... musta na kaung lahat? :)

4:28 PM  

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