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Saturday, August 30, 2008

iPhone Highs and Lows

Here are things that I noticed about the iPhone 3G:

- Texting here is meant for peeps with small fingers.

- You cannot forward messages. This is not good when you wanna inform a lotta peeps about, let's say, your new phone!!!

- Who would use Stocks application here?

- Maps? You can easily find your way in Manila.

- I need to know how to make mp3s as ringtones. Can't have the same set of tunes.

- You can't send photos to your laptop via bluetooth. You have to e-mail 'em.

On the plus side, now that I'm back in the US, I can now maximize the capabilities of my iPhone. When you need to make an account in iTunes, be sure to have a credit card issued in the US. Creating a new account was a breeze. I learned to appreciate the free apps that you can download. I tried the following:

Remote - this allows me to play any song from my iTunes (in my laptop) remotely. Meaning, if I'm watching the telly in the living room and I want a certain song, let's say, "Let's Get it On", to play before I enter my bedroom, I could do it now.

Showtimes - this allows me to find out what movies are being shown in a certain area. Like, I can give you what's being shown in Fox Cinemas or Regal down in Sterling. Sweet!

Palringo - my friend, Jowee, suggested this app. I switched from IM+ to Palringo simply because with the latter, you can send messages quickly using any of your messaging accounts like Yahoo, AIM, Windows Live Messenger, etc. I tested the audio and photo messaging with Noel (who's back home in Manila) and it worked perfectly.

Shazam - imagine this: you're out in public and suddenly you hear a song being played on the radio/tv/movie/store. You're not familiar with the song but you wanna know its title. Fret no mo', with this applicay-shun, you can find out instantly.


Blogger candylicious said...

marerecommend mo ba na magswitch ako ng phone from nokia to iPhone? :) sulit ba?

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