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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Long Overdue

I've been wanting to treat the Admin/Etch R peeps. They are the ones who take care of me whenever I fly to the US and back. For some time, I've been a part of Admin too so they have a soft spot in my heart.

So today, minus Beng (get well soon, gurl), we went to a place where we could enjoy the company of one another while eating good food. I took them to Dragon Wok (previously known as Wok Inn). Meng, Normz, Racqs, Ruds, Jun and Lizette complete the group.

We ordered halaan soup and corn & chicken soup for Racqs, two orders of sipa (the best!), 2 orders of grilled squid (must have), beef with broccoli (Racqs' request), kare-kare (Racqs' request), and lechon kawali (Meng's). Yang Chow rice is the only way to go when you're having a feast so we got two orders of that.

In case you're wonderin', Racqs has a special diet. She doesn't eat pork and other seafood. Can't imagine staying away from crabs, shrimps and squids!

OMG! We're soooo stuffed afterwards. I'm happy they appreciated my small thanksgiving ;oP


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