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Saturday, August 09, 2008

Rebond, Knottydon Rebond

Went back to Menage salon in Trinoma for my rebond & hair color services. I thought of having my bangs rebond so I don't need to bring my iron all the time. Less weight for me luggage ;oP

Anyhoo, the process started with a lady named Cristie applying cream on my bangs. Every now and then, my Artistic Director, Harry, appears to give advice.

Afterwards, she used an iron to straighten my hair. It looks nice now but ironing hair is just a temporary fix for me. I get irritated when the hair curls up after a few hours.

Then, she applied another cream on it and let it stay for a while. I think this is the rebonding cream already. I was given some Men's Health and GQ magazines to keep myself entertained.

After more than an hour, Cristie reappeared with Harry. Harry started coloring my hair from the back. That's his only participation today. Cristie finished the whole process, even my bangs. You won't be seeing those gray hair much now.

Another hour of waiting....

Cristie rinsed, shampooed and conditioned my hair (back portion only). She then towel dried it.

I went back to the chair and she did the finishing touches to my hair. I can see now that the bangs are straight. Yay! Finally!

She advised me not to wash my newly treated hair for 3 days (I did a double take). Once or twice a month, I have to use a treatment cream for my hair. I'll be using it as a conditioner (so after shampoo). This would keep the hair straight. She also told me not to use the hot setting in my hair dryer 'cause it's not healthy for the hair.

Before I left the salon, I gave Cristie a good tip.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

donish, parang kay rihanna yung hair mo.

4:51 AM  

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