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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Sleep Like an Egyptian

Am so happy now that I'm back in Ashburn, Virginia again. No long commute. No pollution. No stress.

I get to see my old friends again: Linda, Brenda and Jan. Can't wait to play with Brenda's dogs again!

I finally met Freya, Mitch and Jet. Freya likes to sing too. Cool beans. 

After work, we headed to Walmart 'cause Ogz needs to return the GPS that he bought yesterday. I had to buy a pillowcase for the pillow that I bought in New York. While looking for a nice pillowcase, I noticed this bed sheet which has 600 thread count (Egyptian cotton). I know that the higher the count, the softer it feels. Which means, I can sleep bettuh!

OMG! My bed is so freakin' soft now. Perfect for... !


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