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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Unlocking Your Phone

I asked my friend, Jun, where I could have my N95 unlocked. I can only use Smart SIM there so I have to do something to use my existing Globe line. Yep, after 2 years, I'm back with my old number. I have to make sure that Globe regard me as a good customer *wink* *wink* before I get their iPhone.

And so I visited Gold Crest in Glorietta (known for their cellphone magic). The first group of peeps I asked informed me that I could indeed use my Globe on my Smart phone.

What they will do is this: First, they would drill a hole on the original SIM. Now, don't cringe. your original SIM would still work even with this hole thingie. Then, they would attach this chip to your SIM. It acts like a second layer. Presto! No extra cellphone tinkering whatsoever. They advised me that I shouldn't remove the Globe SIM anymore to avoid destroying what they put in there. Fine with me.

I withdrew money and went back to their shop. I tested the phone with the help of Kuya and some friends. It works perfectly fine. Sweet!!!

Before I left, I asked about unlocking 3G iPhones. They told me that they CAN do it but I must "jailbreak" it.  I asked what "jailbreaking" means. They looked at me as though I'm from another planet. I found out that I have to look for a certain shop that would add/mod applications in my iPhone to "jailbreak" it. Interesting. So if sumthin' goes wrong when they unlock it, they could blame it on the first shop that "jailbreak" it. Teehee....

I did some investigation. Apparently, there is a site called "Simable.com" that offers this for 16.99 pounds + 2.95 for delivery. Same process.


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