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Sunday, August 10, 2008


The warts on my neck are bothering the hell out of me. I noticed that they've multiplied the past few days. I dunno what happened.

I checked out the clinic right in front of Menage Salon called "Tricosmedx". Firstly, I consulted my case with a doctor named Dra. Ched, a beautiful Chinese doctor. Her voice is soothing and she talks to you like a friend. Her consultation fee is 500 pesos though.

Then her assistant named Fatima wiped my neck with a cold liquid. I assumed it's alcohol. Afterwards, she put some anesthesia on the warts. Dra. Ched will zap my warts later on. When Fatima left me, I took a nap for 45 minoots. I could hear myself snoring. Teehee.

I heard the voice of my doctor so I woke up. She started zapping the warts on the right side of my neck. Dayyum! Fatima missed a lot of warts so I felt the pain. It's like 10 times more painful than an ant bite. After 20 minoots or so, she went for the other side. I wanna cry =o(

Before she turned me over to Fatima again, she advised me to avoid taking a bath (not again!), the sun (I need to wear collared shirts), and apply the creams twice a day for faster healing. I can only wash the cauterized area after 2 days. She wanted the area to dry up.

Fatima applied some antibiotic on the wounds then we're done.

When I looked at my neck on the mirror, I look like a connect-the-dots circus freak. Eeekie!!!


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