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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Worst Bus Ride Ever

After my din-dins with Jhie (with Happy & Nikks) @ North Park, I waited for my Fairview bus. Found one after some time. When I paid for my fare, I checked the tickets. I boarded a JMK bus.

Now, my agony started. I noticed that the driver stopped at every freakin' spot where there's some group of people standing/waiting. It's already past 10 and I wanna go home. We spent a good deal waiting in Cubao. I wanted to shout at the driver for being so greedy with passengers.

Thought of acting like a traffic enforcer. I took out a coin and clinked it repeatedly against the steel part of the window when the driver spent a lotta time waiting for the ghost passengers. I wanted to irritate the hell out of him. Not sure if it worked though but I kept doing it. Teehee.

In Fairview, I boarded a jeep and reached home around midnight. Took a quick shower and went to bed (still cursing that damn bus).


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