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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Went shopping today with Joy, Freya and Mich. Jet's aunt suggested this place called "Tuesday Morning" in Leesburg where you can find cheap but nice stuff. So we went there first. It's right beside Shoppers.

TM looks like a smaller version of Ross or Marshalls. I went directly to the section of linens, towels and other bath accessories. Towels! I found two very nice Egyptian towels and a soap dish.

They've got a lot of home stuff but nuthin' else caught my fancy.

Next stop was Ross. I finally got a tie and a belt rack. I need some serious organization in my closet.

Then it's time to visit Tysons Corner again. I miss this place. This has got to be my favorite mall 'cause it has the shops that I love under one roof. Usually when Ogz and I shop here, it takes us at least 3 hours to finish our shopping. But today, I got an hour to shop. Quite challenging, I must say.

Spent most of my time at the A|X store. Went straight to the clearance section at the back. I got myself a nice pair of pants and shirt. Then I found this super rockin' trench coat. Kinda expensive but hey, it's my birthday! I tote'ly deserve it ;oP


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