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Friday, September 12, 2008

Burlingchurn Pike

Our office has a section near the cafeteria where you can play some billiards, foosball and ping pong. It's been awhile since I last played ping pong so I was really excited to play again. Onaks and I bought our rackets and balls yesterday at Dulles Town Center.

We played for, like, 8 games and I only won a few. Really fun.

Next time, we need to bring some extra shirt, powder and water bottles. I seldom go to the gym anymore and this is quite a good workout for us.

We got invited for dinner at Jet's aunt's house in Purcellville. Jet got the directions so he automatically became our navigator.

While driving along 7 West, I asked him about our exit points. He said to look for Hamilton. Joy also helped in reading the signs.

The next turn would be Burlingchurn Pike. When we couldn't find it, I suggested for Jet to call his Tita. We corrected our direction and kept our eyes peeled for Burlingchurn Pike.

Where the hell is Burlingchurn Pike?

We found it at last.  Turned out it's really Berlin Turnpike! We all laughed at this silly mistake.

Maybe this is the reason why Jet and Freya got lost too earlier when they sent Mich off. According to Freya, it was a scary experience because they got lost so many times. They found Virginia Tech accidentally.

Jet's crazy navigation had another blunder. We couldn't find Wood Pint. It was Woodbine after all.  

Anyhoo, we finally reached our destination. We're greeted by Jet's aunt and her cutey patootey daughter, Erica.

We started the small party with crackers, chips, chicken wings and shrimp cocktails. I had a glass of White Zinfandel ;oP

While chatting with Jet's Tita, I saw Erica watching "Anastasia" in a portable DVD player. She mentioned that she likes to draw. I asked her if she wanna do some drawing with me. She got some papers and pencils and we drew some of the characters. 'twas fun. I think my drawing skills are a bit rusty.

Tita cooked some arroz caldo. I added some roasted garlic and pepper in mine and it was delish. Had a second helping.  We had chocolate cake for dessert.

Before heading back, we watched some funny commercials that Tita recorded on TiVo. She also gave us some food to enjoy back home in Ashburn. Sweet!


Blogger freya said...

Go Burlingchurn!!! =)

2:39 AM  
Blogger The Impatient One said...

Holy Crap!!! Salvador!!! Do you really have to post this on your blog.... AAAAARRRRRGGGGGSSSS!!!

7:57 AM  

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