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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Color Accent

If you're wondering how a photo can be in black & white while a certain subject still retains its color, it's very simple. No need to buy Photoshop or some fancy shmancy software. If you have a Canon digicam and it's in the PowerShot series (mine is SD 850), look no further. Grab your cameras and follow along to these simple instructions:

1) Go to Manual setting and click on Func. Set button. This will give you different Manual settings like Digital Macro, Color Swap and Stitch Assist. If you find an eyedropper icon with an A beside it, that's what we're looking for.

Now, the trick with Color Accent is that, you should pick a nice subject that you want to retain the color of. In our example here, I chose the head board. To pick the blue comforter would be an overkill.
2) Click on Display button to choose the color you want to retain. Point to the subject and press the left arrow when you have chosen the color. You'll notice that the color picker is now of the same color. In my case, it's brown. Click on Display again to exit.

3) You'll notice now that the rest of your shot will be monochromatic and the subject will be the only one in color. Shoot anytime ;oP
Here are other examples:
By the way, thanks to Joy for figuring this out. I didn't know that my camera has this feature. Silly me.



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