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Sunday, October 05, 2008

Great News!

Before we could do our shopping at Costco, Alwyn went first to Customer Service to apply for a membership card. All the peeps that are currently assigned here in Ashburn need to contribute 5 bucks each to cover the 50-dollar fee. I also got an extension card so we need not bug the other guys if we need to do our own shopping.

Then it's time for real shopping at Tysons Corner. Jet suggested to visit this mall again since he didn't wanna stay in the apartment all day long.

Turned out that it's a great idea for me too. When I went to A|X, I found out that the trench coat that I bought is now on sale. So I approached one sales associate and asked her if I could get the same reduced price for the coat that I bought just a week ago. She informed me to bring my receipt the next day so I could get the discount. I would get more than 75 dollars back. Sweet!!!


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