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Monday, October 20, 2008

Luray Caverns

Luray Caverns... It's just an hour away. On our way there, we passed by Dinosaur Land.
Ogz & I had been to this place already so we just let our friends enjoy themselves inside the caverns where they will see the egg formation, reflection pool and the infamous organ. The musical one, that is ;oP
I found these old photos of me taken EIGHT freakin' years ago.
Virginia has lotsa caverns and this is the Shenandoah Caverns that Tom & I visited last year. If Luray has the egg, Shenandoah has the bacon ;oP I think the latter has more dramatic lighting too, donchathink?
In the meantime, Ogz & I checked out the area. We found the Garden Maze where you can "recreate" that Harry Potter climax scene. No Voldemort to hunt you down though. Instead you have 4 goals or riddles to solve.
Next stop was this 51-year old singing tower. It contains 47 bells. Unforch, we didn't get to hear them ring.



Anonymous Jhie said...

to augs: yan ba yung shades na we bought in gbelt? cute sa pic ha! :)

10:30 PM  

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